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Communications for Community Involvement Managers

Jean Krause testimonialCommunication is critical to the successful execution of your community involvement strategy. Social media and mobile channels have expanded the reach and increased the speed of your messages. With more ways than ever to share your community involvement efforts and performance internally and with the broader market, a sound communication strategy is more important than ever. Compelling messages can bolster employee participation rates and build trust with the external community. Informative, solid narratives maximize the visibility and value of your community involvement initiatives without sounding boastful. This course will help meet the internal and external communication challenges facing community involvement managers so your program can achieve its full potential.

What to expect

Utilizing exercises, lectures, examples, case studies and small group interactions, this 2½ day program helps you develop tactical and strategic skills to use the right tools to communicate your community involvement.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Gain a perspective on emerging communication trends
  • Develop a comprehensive communication plan utilizing a five-step process
  • Evaluate digital, mobile and social media applications and platforms as communication channels
  • Examine and critique real-world community involvement communication campaigns

The Course of Study

Trends in Communication

  • Appreciate the complexities of the digital, mobile world and its impact on communication
  • Understand the role of social media as an opportunity and a challenge
  • Determine if your company is positioned to leverage the new realities

Communication Planning

  • Outline the five steps of communication planning from goal setting through measurement
  • Determine and define clear goals for your communication activities
  • Articulate the diverse motivations and concerns of your employees and other stakeholders
  • Craft a compelling message that incorporates six important traits
  • Ensure alignment of community involvement communication and the broader corporate citizenship strategy

Communication Strategies for Community Involvement Campaigns

  • Match the appropriate communication tactic to stakeholders
  • Evaluate the value and use of cause marketing campaigns
  • Engage community involvement partnerships to help communicate your story
  • Use varied outlets, including social media, to align your message with your audience
  • Characterize the role of reporting standards and performance measurement in community involvement communication

Who would benefit from this program?

This program is designed for professionals with direct community involvement responsibilities.  Individuals from public relations, marketing and communications or other functions – who are responsible for the CSR or corporate communications or have direct contact with key company stakeholders – will also benefit from this program.  If multiple people from your company would benefit from this program it can be brought on site. Email Eileen Blinstrub for details.

This course is an elective for the Certificate in Corporate Community Involvement Management


  • Member: $1,850.00
  • Non-Member: $2,495.00

Dates and Locations:

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Course Logistics:

  • Learn more about course logistics, including the course schedule, cancellation policy, and other general information.

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